Freshman Student Scholarship Application

Application period is currently open

Please complete this application if you are senior in high school and would like to be considered for a University of Akron Engineering scholarship for the 2019-20 academic year.

Student ID Number (If none, enter your Date of Birth)
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Are you a U.S. Citizen?
Current Engineering Major (If undecided, select your most likely engineering major):
Have you already been admitted to UA?
Have you already been admitted to the UA Honor's College?
What High School do you attend?
What county is your high school located in?
What state/province/region is your high school in?
What is your current cumulative unweighted GPA in high school?
Highest Total score you achieved on the ACT or SAT.
Highest Math Score you achieved on the ACT or SAT.
Have you taken any engineering courses during high school?
Please list any AP courses that you have taken.
Please list any Post Secondary or College Credit Plus courses that you have taken.
What semester will you start at UA as a freshman student?
Are you the first in your family to pursue a Bachelor's Degree?
Are you married?
Please list any scholarships that you have already been offered by UA.
Please list any other scholarships or aid you have been offered outside of UA. This may be a scholarship from your community, a local business, or a national society. Please do not include loans.
Are you employed?
Please list any community service activities you have participated in.
Please list any other activities, either through your school or community, that you have participated in.
Write a short essay describing: 1) Why have you chosen to major in Engineering? 2) What field in Engineering would you like to work in upon graduation and why? 3) How will this scholarship assist you financially? What does getting a scholarship mean to you? 4) Please describe your strengths and weaknesses. The essay should not exceed 500 words. It might be easier to write the essay in a Word document and copy/paste that into this box.
I certify that this information is complete, accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge and that the application, the accompanying essay, and my academic record may be released to persons and/or companies that may want to consider me for a scholarship.